Aramco Upstream Solutions Technathon 2020
Online Hackathon from Aramco Innovations, a Subsidiary of Saudi Aramco
From November 8 to December 20, 2020
Aramco Upstream Solutions Technathon 2020 is an online hackathon from Aramco Innovations, a subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, hosted on Codenrock Platform.

Prize pool: 650,000 rubles.

Main objective:

To attract talented students and researchers in order to develop innovative solutions based on 4IR for the current challenges in the oil and gas industry:

— Artificial intelligence for detecting and extracting hydrocarbons.

— Virtual measurement of multiphase flow.

— Optimized solution of partial differential equation (PDE) by means of AI.

— Machine Vision for applications in the oil and gas industry.

Target audience: students and experts in technical fields, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence.

Location: the Russian Federation, online.

Key Performance Indicators:

198 incoming applications
77 formed teams
8 teams at the final stage, 63 participants
5 winning solutions
1 month to develop solutions

For this event we developed a customized hackathon website and fully prepared the platform where the participants could match into teams, network, make calls and communicate with other participants and experts. Also, we successfully conducted advertising & PR campaigns

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