Quick algorithm for recruitment of IT specialists

A new solution aimed at sorting out routine tasks of IT-recruiter and an HR manager. Test the most talented IT candidates by using the Codenrock tools and systems. Find experts with proven qualifications and skills in the database.
Candidate is more than his/her CV
Look through and assess
candidate's actual working experience

A joint platform for automation for selection of IT specialists

Select the most suitable candidates by setting up the filters: the level of knowledge, working experience, programming language (html, javascript, css, C++, C#, php, swift, python.)
Personal profiles of the specialists
Get in touch with the candidates by using private messages on the platform
Asses the skills of «junior», «middle» and «senior» bracket specialists. With the use of ready-made tasks you will be able to assess the competence of the candidates and check their codes for plagiarism.
Skills assessment of specialists

Choose exactly those candidates who meet your requirements. With the Codenrock platform, you will no longer have to request sample test cases and present irrelevant candidates to your IT staff.
Decrease the time being spent on employment
Strengthen your approach to IT recruitment – use Codenrock platform
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