Aramco Upstream Solutions
Technathon 2020
7 Nov - 13 Dec 2020
Aramco Innovations – a global research center of Saudi Aramco, leading global integrated energy and chemicals company

The main objectives of the event are:
attract talents to become part of Aramco Innovations team
seek new unconventional solutions for
Aramco challenges
Increase Center's operation awareness
The Aramco Upstream Solution Technathon will take place online in two stages:

1. Four weeks for remote solution development and virtual interaction with experts.
2. Finalist will be invited to present in front of a committee on December 13 to identify the winners.

Participants will develop and present prototypes integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).
About our event
List of Challenges

Digital rock model reconstruction
Distributed fiber optic measurement data
PDE reconstruction for system dynamics identification

Speeding up wave propagation modeling
AI for inter-well saturation mapping
AI driven control system for oil ratio maintenance in pipe flow
Concept for three-phase flow metering in wide range of conditions
AI-Accelerated Black Oil Reservoir Simulation

1st prize 300 000 RUB
2nd prize 150 000 RUB
3rd prize 100 000 RUB
2 special prizes 50 000 RUB each
The total prize fund of the event is
650 000 RUB
The total prize fund of the event is
650 000 RUB
  • Nasher AlBinHassan
  • Sergey Safonov
  • Dmitry Koroteev

  • Anton Egorov

  • Leyla Ismailova

  • Anton Gryzlov

  • Dmitry Kovalev

  • Timur Zharnikov

  • Mustafa Al Ibrahim

  • Moataz Abu Saud

  • Frode Hveding 

  • Muhammad Arsalan

  • Vincent Etienne

  • Alberto Marsala

  • Klemens Katterbauer

  • Artem Seminikhin

  • Alexey Zaytsev

  • Andrey Ustyuzhanin

  • Sergey Morozov

Time line
28.10.2020 11:00
End of registration
07.11.2020 20:00
Upload all final testing task solutions
05.12.2020 23:59
Release the team ratings per challenge
07.12.2020 20:00
Send the invitation for the final event to the high scored teams
08.12.2020 20:00
Technathon final event
13.12.2020 10:00