Codenrock is a new way to find a job for individual developers and teams

You immediately start from the stage of a technical interview without presenting your CV or holding talks with the HR manager.

Codenrock is an opportunity to:

Test your skills and get to a new level of proficiency

Get rid of the formal CV requirements

Get new work offers

Take part in ongoing competitions with your technological innovations

Win prizes and make our world better

Attract the attention of employers

Success stories

Nikolay Popov

M.Smart Hackathon

We were given an extremely interesting business task and to solve it, we needed to be creative. We were able to not only get the programming experience, but also to find a lot of new information about «M.Video», the job being done by the company’s IT specialists and the approach to finding new technologies. I appreciate the company being open and ready to consider young programming specialists and their innovative technologies as a real tool for achieving their goals.


Sergey Troshin


This is my first hackathon and I really liked it. Before that, I watched several reports from similar events, but this is much better than what I saw. I plan to participate in hackathons further on. I will remember the victory and sleepless nights for a long time. We are very tired, but pleasant joy covers everything. My teammate Alexander and I solved the problem of optimizing an NP-completeness problem, now this is in the scope of our interests.


Nikita Kozlov

Blockchain Founder Hackathon

We really liked the hackathon. We are actively practicing the development of blockchain technologies. As Microsoft partner students, our team is interested in developing our society by taking into account the promotion and support of information technology. Our field of activity is closely related to blockchain technologies, that is why participation in hackathons is a very good experience for us with the opportunity to get feedback from experts, test our skills and meet new people in this sphere.


Vladislav Yashkov

GAZ TECH Hackathon

We’ve taken part in various events; we like to participate in hackathons and similar contests. What is worth praising is the organization of this event, GAZ Tech.


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